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Terms and Conditions of Use
Terms and Conditions of Use


1- Acceptance of the TOS (General Conditions of Use)

2- Definition of expressions and terms

3- Conditions for creating, validating and deleting an account on

4- Nature of services

5- MicroTAFs

6- The creation of a microTAF

7- Order process

8- Means of payment

9- The three conditions for cancelling an order

10- Cancellation: refund of the order amount

11- Litigation Case Management

12- Invoicing of orders

13- Means of withdrawing money

14- The responsibilities of each member of the platform

15 – Publication of public information about microTAFs

16- Unpaid debts

17- The different sanctions

18 – Intellectual property



Welcome to, the first African micro-services platform (microjobs). Designed and managed by YEKIDJA TRADE AND SERVICES, whose head office is in Cotonou (Benin), this platform offers Internet users to buy and/or sell microjobs through it.

1- Acceptance of the TOS (General Conditions of Use)

We invite all users of this classified ad platform to read the TOS (Terms of Use) before creating an account or clicking on “I accept the Terms of Use”, as they govern its terms and rules of use. If a user does not wish to accept these TOS, he will not be able to use or access this website. As far as visitors are concerned, they will not be able to sell or buy microjobs apart from simply visiting authorized pages. To access unauthorized pages, they must register and become full members of

2- Definition of expressions and terms

The expressions and terms used in the singular and plural in these TOS and on the platform have the following meanings:

The domain is a space of publications of “microannouncements” having for object to support the meeting between Advertisers or Vendors (professional or private) ready to carry out a specific task, against payment, and Buyers having a specific need and ready to renumber the providers.

MicroTAF(s): services and jobs offered on Azowato. This is all data and elements (text, visual, audio, video, drawings, photographs, etc.), published by a Seller under its exclusive editorial responsibility and under certain conditions on the AZOWATO platform (according to editorial rules and subject to approval of the site) in order to search or publish a microservice.

Buyer: Internet users registered on and having the possibility to buy microTAFs.

Seller: Internet users registered on and having the possibility to propose and publish microTAFs.

Publish a microTAF: the act of posting and publishing a microjobs on
My Account: the personal space of an Internet user registered on our platform. It contains its identifier, microTAFs, etc. This space is accessible thanks to the information of the email (or the user name) and the password of the member.

Customer: a person registered on our platform and who buys microTAFS from one or more Vendors.

Username: Still called nickname, the username is the name chosen by each person registered on this platform. It contains at least 3 characters deliberately composed of letters, underscore, numbers, etc..

Password: the code automatically proposed by the platform to each member when creating his account. Usually composed of several characters, this code can be modified after validation of the registration.


3- Conditions for creating, validating and deleting an account on

  • Conditions of creation

On the platform, anyone with a valid email address can create a free account. Registration is simple and free. Simply click on “Register” or “Register” and enter a nickname, a valid email address and a captcha code. Afterwards, she will be able to set up her account by choosing a new password and entering other additional information. These are strictly personal. It is also possible to register on via social networks such as Facebook and Google+. Registration via these social networks is accepted in accordance with the provisions and rules governing their operation. Any person registered on Azowato must guarantee the confidentiality of his user account and ensure that his information is not used by another person. If a user’s username and password are entered correctly, our system will consider that the user is the owner.

  • Validation conditions

After clicking on the “Register” button or the “Register” button, the account creation phase will be considered effective. Then, a confirmation email will be sent to him for the validation of his account. This email will contain a link or a validation button. A click on this link will check the validity of the email address and redirect the new member to the site. Once this step is complete, the visitor becomes a full member of, and will now have access to all functions from the moment he identifies himself.

  • Conditions for deletion

Any member registered on our platform can request the permanent deletion of his account at any time. Simply send an email to our webmaster through the contact form. After 72 hours, this request will be processed and you will receive a confirmation email.

Remember that the Azowato team reserves the right to suspend or permanently delete the account of a member who does not respect the TOS. In this case, all information relating to the deleted account will no longer be visible on our platform. However, reserves the right to retain information from any deleted account for six months, even if such information is no longer visible to members. This is a security measure to prevent the use of the same email address to create another account. But, this does not prevent the use of another email address.

4- Nature of services

The services offered by the platform are strictly related to the provision to users of an online space allowing any individual, professional and freelance, through the advertising service as well as through the use of a series of communication and help tools, to offer online content exclusively related to his activity and under his sole and entire responsibility. is not directly or indirectly bound by any company, agency, mandate, employment, representation, franchise or commercial cooperation agreement with any user registered on its platform, and who act within the framework of their activity, in their name and for their own account or on behalf of their company in complete legal, financial or commercial independence and under their entire and exclusive responsibility. Consequently, does not intervene in any way in transactions carried out by each member of its platform through commercial advertisements regularly published. Our team’s only role is to moderate and facilitate the process of publishing, selling and purchasing microTAF.


5- MicroTAFs

– Content of a microTAF

To create a microTAF on, you must have a verified and validated account. It is possible to click directly on the button “Publish a microTAF” and to fill in the information relating to the microTAF in the form dedicated for this purpose. By clicking on “Publish microTAF”, the “Seller” submits his micro-service to the AZOWATO team for control, examination and validation. This last step is the publication or rejection of the microTAF. If a microjob is rejected, the “Seller” is invited to correct the ad and resubmit it to the AZOWATO team for validation and publication.

Each “Seller” is fully responsible for the ads he publishes on He declares to be the owner at the beginning, then to transfer the rights of use relating to the microTAFs which he sells. In case of contrary provision, he is obliged to notify it in his announcement. Our platform reserves the right to use content published by users for advertising, promotion, marketing and publishing purposes.

No pornographic, immoral or illegal content is accepted on our platform. If a user does not respect these rules, he will be sanctioned accordingly. Remember that the AZOWATO platform only accepts online micro services, i.e. dematerialized services (small jobs that do not require the physical delivery of an object). The process of sale, purchase, payment and delivery takes place only online and on our platform. Everything happens in the order manager located in each user’s account.

The order of a microTAF is delivered to the buyer by the seller as a compressed file to avoid viruses. If despite this precaution a virus or other malicious program affects the user’s computer, only the user who sent it will be responsible.

  • Price of a microTAF

The price of a Service is fixed at 3.000 F CFA or 4,5 € and 5 $ according to the chosen currency, excluding bank charges and VAT. This base price is fixed for any microTAF published on our platform. Each “Seller” can modify the price of his microTAF:

If it adds one or more additional options to its microTAF ;
When it indicates an express delivery giving the possibility to the Buyer to be delivered quickly;
Remember that each additional option as well as express delivery are charged between 3,000 and 30,000 CFA F excluding VAT and bank charges. After the validation of an order, the Seller benefits from a total income possibly including the price of the microservice, options and express delivery. As soon as the order is actually delivered, he receives his gain less a 20% commission and VAT.

  • The commissions

The commission deducted on each microservice order is allocated to AZOWATO to cover the various costs (publication, management and charges). For a microTAF of CFAF 3,000, the commission deducted is CFAF 600, or 20%. If an option or express delivery is added to an order, a 20% commission will also be applied to the order. Bank charges are the responsibility of the user. Whatever the amount of an order, these costs are fixed: 4% of the total amount. They are equivalent to the exact amount of commission taken by the payment processors present on the platform.

6- The creation of a microTAF

Content of a microTAF
Any account holder verified on can create a micro-service. To publish a microTAF, simply click on the “Publish a microTAF” button located in the upper right corner of the platform. Then you have to fill out a form.

The publication of a microTAF consists of:

  • A “Title” beginning with “I can” and composed of 85 characters maximum (alphanumeric – space included).
  • A “Category” corresponding to the proposed micro-service.
  • A “subcategory” that corresponds as closely as possible to the proposed microTAF.
  • A “Description” of the proposed microjob. It is recommended that the “Seller” be accurate and concise to facilitate understanding of the proposed microTAF. The buyer should not have difficulties of understanding and doubts about his order. If the description is not precise, AZOWATO reserves the right to refuse the advertisement.
  • Instructions for the Buyer”: these are the specific details that the Seller wishes to add to the advertisement.
  • Keywords” separated by commas. They facilitate the search for microTAFS.
  • The number of “Max days to deliver”: this field is reserved for the number of days necessary for the delivery of the proposed micro-service. Once defined, the Seller undertakes to deliver within this period. It is therefore important to define this time frame with caution.
  • Images” to illustrate the microjob. If the images associated with a micro-service do not correspond to the latter, the platform reserves the right to refuse its publication.
  • A link to a video published on Youtube or Dailymotion to best illustrate the microTAF.
  • Option and Express Delivery: these are optional mentions allowing the Seller to add one or more options to his microjob. Each option consists of a “Price” field (between CFAF 3,000 and 30,000) and a “Description” field. If the content of an option does not correspond to the TOS, the platform reserves the right to refuse it.


MicroTAF Status

A microTAF can have several states on the AZOWATO platform:

  • “Pending”: The microTAF newly posted or modified by its Seller is imperatively reviewed by the platform team. During this time, it is not accessible by other users.
  • “Active”: microTAF is accessible on the site and can now be purchased by users.
  • “Inactive”: the microjob is present in the Seller’s interface but is no longer accessible by buyers.

Validation of microTAFs

The AZOWATO platform reserves the right to refuse or validate a microTAF or an Option after its submission. In order to optimize the user experience and correct errors in an ad, the platform reserves the right to modify the content (text, images and video) of a microjob. In case of refusal of a microTAF, the seller will receive a notification by email. In case a microTAF is incomplete, the AZOWATO team will send a modification email to the Seller.


7- Order process

Any account holder verified on can purchase microTAFs.

Simply click on the microTAF that interests you, then click on “Buy”. Then, you are invited to choose the desired payment method: Paypal, Payplus, Paydunya or your Balance (rechargeable and cumulative after the sale of a MicroTAF).

After payment of the order, it will be directly transmitted to the Seller for its realization. If the order requires particular details, the Buyer is invited to inform them before starting. As soon as the order is transmitted to the “Seller”, it will be displayed in “In progress” status in the dashboard (My Account-Manage Sales).

As soon as the Seller becomes aware of the order, the Buyer can exchange with him by clicking on “Conversation Page” (My Account – Purchases – Conversation Page). This is the opportunity for him to specify his needs and send attachments to facilitate the completion of the order.

8- Means of payment

The AZOWATO platform supports three payment methods:

– Paypal
By paying microTAFs through Paypal via, you accept the terms and conditions of this electronic wallet. In this case, an order will only be validated if accepts the payment made by the buyer.

By paying microTAFs through Payplus on, you accept the terms and conditions of this electronic wallet. In this case, an order will only be validated if the mobile operators (MTN, MOOV, etc.) associated with this portfolio.

By paying microTAFs through Payplus on, you accept the terms and conditions of this electronic wallet. In this case, an order will only be validated if the operators (ORANGE, WARI, etc.) associated with this portfolio.

This is the payment with the balance or portfolio available on the user’s AZOWATO account. The money available in your balance can therefore be used to buy microjobs. This process requires no external acceptance. You can reload your portfolio or accumulate the balance of your possible sales.

It is important to remember that the AZOWATO platform acts as a trusted intermediary facilitating transactions between Buyer and Seller. The amount paid by the Buyer is deducted from the 20% commission, and will only be paid if the Seller delivers the micro-service and the Buyer in turn valid.


As soon as the Seller finishes the work, he can deliver it directly via the interface the conversation page and click on “Finish”. Generally, the file is converted to WinRAR and .ZIP format to avoid viruses. The buyer in turn consults and accepts the work. In case of dissatisfaction, the buyer may request modifications.


As soon as the seller makes the delivery, the customer has 7 days to request a touch-up. Any alterations are taken into account when they are accepted by the service provider. In this case, the order being processed switches to “retouch” mode. From this moment, the seller has a period ranging from 24h to more to deliver again his work. In the event of refusal of the retouching, the customer can submit again the order to modification or open a litigation at the end of one week of waiting.

Order closed

An order is considered complete and closed when the customer validates the order delivered by the provider. This is also the case when the provider delivers, but the client has not consulted or validated the files received from the provider 7 days (one week) after delivery. In the latter case, both parties can still exchange in the Messagerie Azowato after the order has closed. However, the order can no longer be changed. Any closed order acts as an authorization given to Azowato’s team to pay the corresponding sum into the provider’s portfolio. The latter may request a withdrawal as soon as the money is available in his portfolio.

Delay in delivery

A delivery is considered late when the delivery time mentioned in the microTAF and its options is exceeded. The stopwatch is automatically activated when the command changes to “In progress” status. This deadline is only applicable for the first delivery. As far as retouching requests are concerned, they do not necessarily meet a deadline.

9- The three conditions for cancelling an order

Cancellation by mutual agreement with both parties
All manipulations linked to a possible cancellation are done directly in the order manager of one of the parties. The customer is entitled to request a cancellation if and only if the order is not closed with the status “completed”. However, the provider is free to accept it or not. To find a common ground, the two parties will be able to exchange about in the messaging platform. The initiation of litigation is a last resort and only occurs when the client is unsuccessful after numerous modifications. If the customer requests a cancellation for an order “In progress” and the service provider does not react during 7 days, this order is automatically cancelled. In this case, the money can be returned to the customer.

Cancellation initiated by the provider

The service provider can decide to cancel the order without asking the customer’s opinion, as long as the order is not finished. However, the Azowato team reserves the right to send an email to the customer asking him to give the reasons for this cancellation. If no valid reason is given by the client, Azowato’s team may decide to sanction the service provider according to the conditions detailed below.

Cancellation initiated by the customer

The customer has the possibility to cancel an order if the provider does not deliver the order within the time indicated in the advertisement. He can also cancel an order when the service provider has not yet started or has not yet accepted the order. In these cases, he can simply click on the “Cancel” button that will appear in his order manager. Azowato will thus be able to refund the amount spent under the conditions below.

10- Cancellation: refund of the order amount

When an order is successfully completed, Azowato pays the microTAF seller the corresponding amount less 20%, bank charges and VAT. In case of cancellation (the three cases mentioned above), Azowato reimburses the customer the full amount paid (amount + commission + bank charges + VAT). The same payment method will be used for this refund transaction. In the event of unavailability of this means of payment at the Azowato accounting level, the customer will be contacted for proposal and adoption of an alternative means of payment, and all this according to the conditions of use defined by our partners.


11- Litigation Case Management

The opening of a dispute by the client only occurs when all other means of negotiation and modification do not result in an agreement between the two parties. In case of dispute on an order, it can no longer be modified by the provider. Azowato’s team then acts as a mediator to find a solution to the problem. If no solution is found despite this step, Azowato will take a firm and definitive decision taking into account the available elements. This decision will serve as closure of this order. Attention, if Azowato discovers that this order was realized outside its platform through other channels (sms, email, phone call, whatsapp, social networks…), it will be systematically cancelled. This can lead to the banishment of the customer and the provider from the platform. If the seller is eventually right, he will receive his winnings as usual, but if it is the customer, he will receive his investment as previously indicated.

12- Invoicing of orders

Azowato is not the direct seller of the micro-services available on its platform. The representative company (YEKIDJA TRADE AND SERVICES) only charges the commission and bank charges collected. For each order, Azowato will produce an invoice for the commission and bank charges, mentioning the total price. As soon as an order has the status “completed”, the invoice is available in the shopping list.

13- Means of withdrawing money

The provider (seller) can withdraw money from his Azowato portfolio when he reaches an amount of 3000 CFA francs, or 4.5 € or 5 $. He can use one of the payment methods available at the time of the request: Paypal, Bank transfer, mobile money payment (MTN, MOOV, Orange, Airtel, etc.), Wari, etc.). It is important to note that Azowato does not take commissions on withdrawals. However, interbank charges may apply depending on the payment method chosen or the receiving bank. It is therefore up to the payment applicant to ask his bank for details of the fees applied.

The Azowato team can only be contacted by a service provider for non-receipt of a transfer within 10 working days ( If the service provider makes his transfer request with incomplete, incorrect or invalid data, Azowato cannot be held responsible for any difficulties related to receipt.

14- The responsibilities of each member of the platform

Each user of our site must have only one account. As soon as they become a member of the Azowato platform, each service provider and customer makes a formal commitment to complete the ordering process until the end. Communications via external channels are prohibited and prohibited. An order that does not comply with these recommendations will be considered non-compliant and invalid by the platform.

By registering on the Azowato online platform, each member makes a formal commitment not to transmit their personal details (telephone contact, email, social networks, etc.), except the information requested in a microTAF briefing.

Each member is responsible for the information he publishes on the site. This information must be real and true. Otherwise, he may see his account suspended or banned. Apart from the elements available on the platform, members are not authorized to promote a product or service, a company or the URL of a professional site. No transaction should be deliberately cancelled without a valid reason.

Each member is required to declare its income generated by the microTAF benefit to the tax authorities of its country of residence in accordance with the laws and rules in force. Azowato is not responsible for any failure to comply with these obligations.

Each member formally undertakes to keep his user name and password secret. He therefore acknowledges that he is solely responsible for any use of his identifiers. Likewise, he undertakes not to allow any other person access to his account. It is important to specify that Azowato is not responsible for the difficulties experienced by the user when he wishes to access his account because of limited access to the Internet.

Any indecent, obscene, threatening, insulting, defamatory or harassing material (pornography that is indecent, obscene, defamatory or illegal) is prohibited on our platform. We do not tolerate comments and statements that could be considered offensive and defamatory to Azowato’s image. In the event of non-compliance with these conditions of use, the member concerned is liable to an equivalent sanction.

Each member undertakes not to use unauthorized means to attempt to enter the platform system fraudulently, as this may interfere with the operation of the platform. In the event of non-compliance with this provision, he exposes himself to the closure of his account and to civil and criminal proceedings.

Azowato is formally committed to a merciless fight against account holders and microTAFs that turn out to be scams. To prevent this, we invite members not to communicate their confidential information (email address, telephone number, credit card number, mobile money account number, etc.) to a third party. Any suspicious activity from a member of our platform must be reported to the Azowato team via the contact form.

The use of robots and other automatic connection applications is prohibited on our platform. Any member found responsible for such acts shall be sanctioned accordingly.

15 – Publication of public information about microTAFs

All users of our platform accept the use of their user name or pseudonym during advertisements and promotions on the site or on any media designated by the Azowato team. If additional information is required, the Azowato team will send a prior request to the member concerned.

16- Unpaid debts

Azowato is committed to fighting money laundering, bank fraud and unpaid bills. Depending on the payment method chosen, withdrawal requests are analysed over a period ranging from 1 to 10 days before being validated by our competent services.

If our team suspects a fraudulent transaction of any nature, the user’s account will be blocked for investigation and will receive an email to provide the requested information. Banishment may occur if investigations reveal that it is fraud. In this case, the user will no longer be able to withdraw the available amount from his portfolio.

An unpaid order, even if it is completed by the provider, will be cancelled by our team without any compensation for the provider even if he started or delivered it.

17- The different sanctions

In the event of non-compliance with the conditions of use of our platform, the Azowato team may apply the following sanctions:

Temporary suspension of the user’s account for a period specified by Azowato. In this case, it will not be able to connect to its user interface until the limit is lifted.
Temporary or permanent deactivations of microTAFs ;
Blocking of the amount available in the user’s wallet and inability to make a withdrawal request;
Final deletion of the user’s account and all affiliated information ;
Blocking the user’s IP address.
Each decision is taken and implemented by the administrators of the platform who reserve the right to manage everything internally or to bring the sanction to the attention of the competent courts in the Republic of Benin. It is important to specify that each sanction is notified by email to the concerned.

18 -Intellectual property

Azowato is a registered trademark of YEKIDJA TRADE AND SERVICES(YETAS). The names of the media, publishers, services and products mentioned in these TOS are the trademarks of their respective owners.

Each member of this platform is author of the microTAFs, messages and comments published on it. It authorizes Azowato and its partners to use, distribute, copy, publicly display, edit, translate, publicly present and reformat to the extent permitted by applicable law. The exploitation of part or all of the content of this platform and its intellectual property rights may be the subject of legal proceedings.


Copyright © 2018 YEKIDJA. All rights reserved. Version: 1.2 published July 12, 2018