Who are we ?

AZOWATO is the African micro-services platform (microjobs). Designed and administered by YEKIDJA TRADE AND SERVICES, headquartered in Cotonou (Benin), this platform offers Internet users the opportunity to buy and/or sell microjobs through it. Accessible to everyone, this platform of microjobs or microTAFs offers the possibility to register for free. It has the particularity of being bilingual (French-English), offering several currencies (CFA, €, $, GHS and NGN) and offering several payment methods accessible anywhere in the world. By creating AZOWATO, we give African professionals the opportunity to export themselves on the international market. Thanks to the know-how and diverse experiences of its initiators, it will enable young Africans to put their talent at the service of the web in order to earn honestly money online.

Secure and ergonomic, this site is the privileged space where Internet users with skills in the fields of audiovisual, computer science, literature and Internet professions can offer their services for a fee (example: creation of a logo, correction of memory, creation of an application or website…). Depending on the micro-service required by the customer, he will have access to a selection of several service providers offering approximately the same services at the same price. Our main challenge is to offer a platform adapted to the African context, with payment methods accessible to all.

Azowato.com is not directly or indirectly bound by any company, agency, mandate, employee, representation, franchise or commercial cooperation agreement with any user registered on its platform, and who act in the course of their activity, in their own name and for their own account or on behalf of their company in complete legal, financial or commercial independence and under their entire and exclusive responsibility. Consequently, Azowato.com does not intervene in any way in the transactions carried out by each member of its platform through regularly published commercial announcements. Our team’s only role is to moderate and facilitate the process of publishing, selling and purchasing microTAF.